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ASB Candidate Elections: Vice President

By: Catherine Wang

Smoke Signal: Tell us about yourself and why you decided to run for VP.

Dustin Chiang: Ever since I was a kid I’ve always found it interesting to be an officer and a role model that people can look up to. Since I’ve come to Mission, I’ve developed a passion and dedication to the students here, and I want to try to improve the culture that’s here at Mission. By running for ASB Vice President, what I’m trying to do is give back to the students and make them have a fulfilling experience.

Angela Chen: I’ve been an officer in clubs, and my leadership experience has influenced me the most. In Leadership 2, I’m in the committee that organizes Homecoming and Multicultural [Week], so we’ve worked with a lot of students. It has opened my eyes to how much work it takes and how much fun it is to work with students at our school.

Dustin Chiang

Angela Chen















SS: What are your experiences in working with the student body and how would you apply these experiences to help students as VP?

DC: This year, I’m serving as Sophomore Class President. As all of you know, that involves a huge amount of orchestration in putting together Homecoming. In addition to other class officer responsibilities, it’s really been about developing my experience in leading the class; this has made me a better leader and person.

AC: I was class officer for two years and Interact secretary and freshman representative. Anyone can have experience, but it needs to be the right kind of experience that will really develop the skills that you need.


SS: Do you have any new or unique ideas for improving the VP position?
DC: The core of my campaign is about open input and open discussion, making sure that students continually have an input in everything that’s going on, so that they’re always updated and involved. They can feel like whatever opinion they might have will be heard and taken into account, because this school’s for them, so they should have a say.
AC: The Vice President does a lot of lockers and clubs stuff. Our locker system is new this year, completely electronic, and it’s great because we can do it all online, but there are also improvements we can make. The system crashed this year in the middle of sophomore-junior signups. To prevent that, we could space out the signups and rent a larger server. Also, it would be cool to do unifying among the clubs to improve inter-club communication through an online forum. This would help unify the school in a totally new way.

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