ASB Candidate Elections: Treasurer

By: Hairol Ma

Smoke Signal: Why do you feel qualified for this position? What is your previous experience as treasurer? in a leadership position?

Aamir Rasheed: I am the outreach director for Happy Day Microfunds, which allows me to work with entrepreneurs to maximize their profits and pay back their loans. I’m also president ofMSA, vice president for Mission Mentors, so I have to do a lot of budget planning for those clubs as well. I was also senior patrol leader for my Boy Scout troop, so I had to do a lot of coordination and planning, and that included a lot of logistics as well, like meal planning, meal costs, outing costs, rental equipment, etc.

Tiffany Chou: I definitely have experience in this field, because having been treasurer for so many different kinds of fields, for example, Hopkins ASB treasurer, class treasurer, and currently two club treasurers, I have the experience with communicating and leading people and bringing people together. The ASB Treasurer has three main jobs: managing the student store, leading the L2 class, and managing the accounts of the clubs, such as Yearbook, Smoke Signal, etc. Having been class treasurer, I know how to work with the different forms and talk to Ms. Stoorza, who’s in charge of the school’s money and accounts. Being in L2 class, I’ve worked with the ASB officers directly, like working in the student store with the ASB treasurer after school and helping her close up the register and store. I’ve also helped her fill out the daily forms and order inventory for the student store.



Aamir Rasheed


Tiffany Chou















SS: What do you think your greatest asset is?

AR: My greatest asset is how I’m willing to reach out to students and making them my number one priority. During my campaign I’ve already reached out and talked to a lot of the students.

TC: I’m really enthusiastic. If it’s something I’m really passionate about I’ll put all of my energy into the job and definitely try my best. I think this would definitely be my greatest asset.


SS: What changes would you make as ASB Treasurer?

AR:  I would try to implement better fundraisers. A lot of students have told me they want to have fun fundraisers that are applicable to everybody, so I took the initiative and contacted Ms. Prairie and Ms. Ferreira. They said that having a fun run video game fundraiser on the school’s iPads during lunch in the library would be a feasible idea. Regardless of whether or not I get elected, I would like to help the ASB achieve this goal. I would try to publicize the ASB online store as well, since everyone has access to computers.

TC: I know people have been complaining about the student store, for example, they don’t like the procedure, how the register works, and some of the prices. One of the first changes I would make would be putting up a form on the ASB website so people can submit changes they would like to see in the student store, including the process of checking out, the food, the register, etc. This would be anonymous, so people won’t have to feel intimidated when they submit the form.


SS: If you had a motto or slogan, what would it be?

AR: MSJ students are my number one priority, I want to be the most personal treasurer you’ve ever seen. If you vote for me I promise the ASB will be at an unprecedented level of interactivity.

TC: My slogan is really simple and easy to remember. It’s T. Chou knows how. Basically it shows that I’m really capable of doing things, doing whatever that challenges me and putting my enthusiasm and passion into everything I do. I definitely know how to do things and how to manage things.

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