Demolition and Construction Near P-Wing

By: Ishan Goyal

On Monday, December 3rd, tractors rolled into the MSJ parking lot to start their job of tearing down the old portables. “The project to replace the P1 through P4 portables was hatched years ago” said Principal Sandra Prairie, “but received state approval only recently,” she continued. The approval of the plan required several levels of clearance on the federal and state level and numerous meetings where a suitable contractor was chosen. The new two story building is going to host five special education programs along with several other classes. To address the needs of the disabled students, a loop will be constructed near the building for easy bus access Similar to the A-wing structure, the actual building will be built off-site and then reassembled on campus. In addition to the two story building, there are numerous plans to repave the student parking lot and further embellish the campus. Although right now the parking lot is just full of rubble and metal and temporary portables are being used to accommodate these classes, the building is scheduled to be completed by May 2013 if weather permits.

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