Promote the Vote for Ms. Geers

By: Jaynelle Gao

Facing History and Ourselves asked people from all over the country to nominate educators who were Upstanders – people who “[embrace] the challenge to speak out, do the right thing, and…make a conscious choice to step in instead of stand by.” These educators have taught students how to open their minds “to help us learn to stand up against injustice and take responsibility for each other.”
Facing History and Ourselves is currently celebrating 20 semifinalist nominees and among them is MSJ’s very own Ms. Geers, a teacher who devotes a great deal of time to teaching her students not only the importance of being empathetic but also how to stand up for what is right, especially when it would be much easier to remain passive.
Help Ms. Geers get to finals and our school earn a $5000 grant by voting every 24 hours until November 9 at


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