Ocean’s 14 Juniors Review

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50 Comments on "Ocean’s 14 Juniors Review"

  1. not very c14ssy of juniors

  2. Good job juniors! Even with all the problems with weather, you guys still managed to rock homecoming! This is what HC is all about!

  3. *really is*

  4. finally watched a real homecoming today

  5. Okay so I missed tahitian and kung fu, but from what I saw:

    Overall their airbands were good. The quality was about the same as last year (which was also good) with a few improvements, but the coordination could’ve been better with some of them.

    All-girl’s hip hop could’ve been a little more in-sync. I like their music choice though.

    The dresses for ballroom were not “too revealing” wtf prude.

    The burlesque-style jazz with the 6 girls was good. Very original with the chairs. (Go Joanna!)

    Their boys booty was better this year.

    Last hip hop was awesome with the popping and body isolations and then jumping into a split (I love you David Wi).

    Baton was amazing as always.

    And their backdrop and decorations were amazing! I love the dice and giant face cards that were hanging from the wires!

    Their skit was better than last year, but I though that each of the protagonists could have had more character like the characters from the junior skit last year. The most lively one was Kennedy (Austin!).

    The “original” joke got kind of old.

    Overall great job!

  6. Mocked us a lot, juniors did.
    So butthurt, yoda is!

  7. I think the Juniors did amazing. No matter what anyone has to say about it . The outfits were fine, the skip was awesome, the dances were amazing, the decorations were crazy great. And in the end it showed that everyone came together. So some of this isnt true. Yeah we did hate on the sophomores to much but Its all out of joking fun. In the end Mission is like one giant family.

    • Ctrl+C Sophomore | October 17, 2012 at 5:49 pm | Reply

      “Its all out of joking fun” AHAHAHA GOOD JOKE

    • Are you Kidding | October 17, 2012 at 6:06 pm | Reply

      I would have to disagree Juniorss. I think that the Juniors were WAY over the top with hating on the sophmores. While I can see why the juniors were angry, I don’t think that justifies all of the negativity.

  8. carly rae jepsen was born on the same day as i was <3

  9. oh man, the sophomores hopes of getting second just vanished into thin air, killed it juniors!

  10. Ctrl + C Sophomores | October 17, 2012 at 5:55 pm | Reply

    Ctrl + C Sophomores did ok.

  11. gg nature op, wind super effective
    RIP mgm grand
    was going to be bigger than the bridge

  12. oh but the baton girl dropped her baton twice…mehh

    • Honestly stupid, you are.

      • she recovered well, but she definitely messed up
        and her routine wasn’t that different from what she did last year…or the year before

        • Ctrl+C Sophomore | October 17, 2012 at 6:25 pm | Reply

          evidence right here: not a sophomore. you are sad. really.

          • Never graduated from high school, yoda did.
            Never a sophomore, yoda is.

          • i dont get you..
            the baton girl just really didnt impress me. what does that have to do with me being a soph…

          • @Ctrl+C Sophomore
            L2 has old videos. he/she probably just watched those
            don’t get your panties in a twist now

        • The only other time she performed for homecoming was last year.

          Which reminds me, in the review where did the “I’ve never seen anything like it!” come from? Both she and her older sister performed for their homecomings last year and for past assemblies. That person must have not been paying much attention.

        • She only performed for homecoming last year, not the year before.

          Which reminds me, where did the “I’ve never seen anything like it before!” come from in the review? Both she and her sister performed for their homecomings last year, as well as for past assemblies. The reviewer who said this must have not been paying much attention.

    • um excuse me. the baton girl was absolutely amazing! sure she dropped it twice, but she kept on smiling and recovered great.
      let’s see you try and twirl like her.

    • The baton performance was actually really awesome! Everyone makes mistakes, and come on, she was performing in front of the WHOLE ENTIRE SCHOOL. That’s a lot of pressure, and she still did really well. She has so much talent and there’s no reason anyone should bash her after her amazing effort. YOU GO GIRL, TWIRL THAT BATON SCREW THE HATERS they can’t probably can’t even catch a ball with two hands

  13. i’m a soph. though we were awesome, i hate that we copied the juniors so i genuinely think they were justified in all their “original” references
    the juniors were amazing because the wind ruined all of their deco, so they had to redo it and it still looked pretty great. i was impressed (even though they made fun of us in the skit!!)

    • So butthurt, yoda is.
      The truth, why must you speak?

    • We didn’t copy the juniors. How could you not stand up for your own class.

    • Ctrl+C Sophomore | October 17, 2012 at 6:23 pm | Reply

      how i doubt that a sophomore actually wrote this…

      • Ctrl+C Sophomore | October 17, 2012 at 6:24 pm | Reply

        why do you have to sink so low so as to pose as a sophomore just to make them look bad?

        • really now? just because i was impressed by the juniors you don’t even think i’m a sophomore? i’m just telling the truth
          dont get me wrong, i had my arms up in an x formation like all the other sophomores when we were dissed in the skit, but we deserved it. we definitely worked hard on our performance and executed everything well, but we did copy the juniors and we may as well be up front about that
          i think they were more than a little mean but they definitely had reason

  14. I think that in this competition, we’re all forgetting that homecoming is about promoting class unity. The juniors repeatedly bashing the sophomores for their supposed lack of “originality” is getting seriously out of hand. Ballroom dancing is a specific type of dance, so if both classes do it, it is natural that the dances are going to seem similar. As for deco, there are only so many ways that you can represent an urban city. Again, it is only natural that the sophomore’s deco would seem similar to that of the class of 14’s. I think that it’s extremely rude to heavily criticize the hard work of the many people who have put in many many hours of effort in order to pull off homecoming. I think the sophomores showed wonderful sportsmanship and respect during this homecoming. It is only fair that this respect be extended to them as well. Homecoming is for everyone, so c14assy juniors, try and live up to your name and keep this homecoming experience enjoyable for everyone.
    WHOOO LONG POST (: enjoy the rest of your homecoming everyone!!!

  15. class of 2014 might want to reconsider their motto.

  16. No comment on how junior Tahitian kicked butt? Funny how silent writers are on that particularly amazing airband.
    Tons of junior spirit!!! So proud of 2014 for pulling together a great performance despite all the difficulties the day presented. The deco was amazing, as was the backdrop, and the impromptu repair was quote impressive as well.
    The costumes for ballroom were fine! The sophomore dresses were he short ones… Jealous much? The junior dresses definitely covered more than the sophomore dresses did and managed to look much more beautiful and dramatic!
    Jazz was hot and apdat stunned as usual!! The beginning was very inventive and exciting!
    Awesome acting by Austin and Hannah!!
    Good job 2014! Way to showcase our talent!!

    • Agreed about everything, except Tahitian really wasn’t that impressive. It was just a bit drawn out. Also, I thought the singing airband was pretty offkey
      Everything else was impeccable

    • even more confused | October 17, 2012 at 7:14 pm | Reply

      Weelll, about the spirit part, most people were sitting down in the beginning…not every exciting. Also in the middle, people stood up only because they couldn’t see. (not referring to the people in the front)

  17. Seniors are OBVI gonna dominate tomorrow, but gotta hand it to the juniors for doing pretty well despite the unfortunate weather.

    But like I mean all of the other classes always look bad compared to the seniors. Just wait til yall see what we have in store for tomorrow!

  18. smoke signal…y u no understand that the only reason junior spirit “did die down a little bit toward the middle of their skit” was because the seniors were helllla yelling at the juniors to sit down because they couldnt see a thing??

  19. Alright yes, some components in both sophomore and junior skits/dances/etc. were similar. But seeing as how both themes were alike in the general plot, that should have been expected.

    We should keep our hate to ourselves and not diss the other classes so flagrantly.

  20. Ok seriously Junior common now you beat us last year but what happened to all you DECO. Did it fall. Thats what happens when you use PVC. DURRR Think before you guys act next year guys.

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