Healthy Vending Machine

By: Jason Chen

MSJ recently installed a brand new “Healthy Vending machine” in the gym quad to enhance the overall snack and drink buying experience. The Smoke Signal sat down with Earl, the “Healthy Vending machine”, to learn more about his functions and the reasons behind the switch.

Smoke Signal: Why did the old machines get replaced?

Earl: Starting with the 2012-13 school year, Fremont Unified School District (FUSD) wanted all vending machines in the district to comply with SB-12 guidelines. These new guidelines mandated that foods and drinks sold in schools must not exceed 400 calories and must qualify under the federal meal program. Our old machines did not meet the requirements, so they had to be replaced.  The school district also wanted to unify all machines in the district under the same manufacturer. This makes maintenance and accounting easier and saves the school district money.

SS: Why did the school district choose you over other competitors?

Earl: The administration believed that I possess the most advanced technology out of all the machines our school had considered, as well as trusted the size and service of the company that produced me. Moreover, the most important reason why MSJ selected me is that my manufacturer gives the greatest percentage of profits back to the school. Of course, my good looks and sleek appearance are always a plus…

SS: What are the special features of the “Healthy Vending machine?”

Earl: I make the transaction much faster and easier for all customers. One of the main complaints I got was that the machines that preceded me ate up customers’ money without giving them the item they had just purchased. I can essentially prevent that situation from ever happening since I employ a sophisticated mechanism that immediately ejects the item once purchased.  Also, I can offer a much greater variety of drinks and snacks compared with the previous machines. Additionally, I accept credit cards, which makes transactions that much faster and easier for customers.

SS: How are you being received by the student body?

Earl: All the feedback I have received is overwhelmingly positive. Students like the overall experience so much more now and can finally rest assured that their money will never go to waste. The demand for my products has also skyrocketed. To accommodate the increase in demand, MSJ has already ordered another identical machine and has plans to acquire even more machines in the near future.

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