Local Fro-Yo Cafes

By: Vivian Jair

With summer rapidly approaching, ward off the heat waves by gobbling down delicious, assorted, and even healthy frozen yogurt! The Smoke Signal has reviewed three local frozen yogurt shops to help MSJ students find the top “fro-yo” selections in Fremont.


2670 Mowry Avenue


Nestled in the popular Gateway Plaza, Yogurtouille is a small but delightful self-serve shop. Colorful and clean, the shop provides a comfortable and relaxing atmosphere. Yogurtouille offers the new and trendy style of tart yogurt over traditional creamy yogurt, but is nonetheless tasty. There are a total of twelve flavors, including the rare praline, cherry shortcake, and taro, as well as various toppings. With each ounce costing 39 cents, the price is mediocre. The biggest hassle, however, are the yogurt dispensers, which are difficult to control. Nonetheless, Yogurtouille is an enjoyable frozen yogurt café to relax at.

Yogurt Taste: ***

Price: ***

Selections: ****

Ambiance: *****

Overall: ****

Yogurt De Lite

4378 Thornton Avenue


One of the oldest frozen yogurt shops in Fremont, Yogurt De Lite utilizes a traditional pay-over-the-counter method and prices by cup size rather than weight. Overall, the ambiance is lacking, with the shop being too warm inside, as well as worn and untidy. In addition, there are fewer selections, with only six types of yogurt, and toppings costing an additional 65 cents. Nevertheless, the frozen yogurt is absolutely delicious in its creamy richness, by far the best tasting. Being generously filled to the brim, the price is also quite cheap. Despite not being the best place to eat, Yogurt De Lite features a great style of frozen yogurt that can definitely be enjoyed on-the-go!

Yogurt Taste: *****

Price: ****

Selections: ***

Ambiance: **

Overall: 3.5


Fresh Berry

5625 Auto Mall Parkway


From the moment one steps into the store, one can smell the mouthwatering aromas of frozen yogurt, smoothies, and cupcakes, as Fresh Berry sells all three. While the price for the self-serve frozen yogurt is average at 40 cents an ounce, however, the $2.99 cupcakes are rather expensive. As for the frozen yogurt, the ten different selections taste decent but not spectacular. Similarly, the interior of the shop is clean and comfortable, but not quite as relaxing as Yogurtouille. On the other hand, the shop’s perks includes their machines’ ability to mix two flavors together in one swirl, as well as the abundant and fresh toppings. Overall, Fresh Berry is a satisfactory frozen yogurt shop.

Yogurt Taste: ***

Price: ***

Selections: ***

Ambiance: ****

Overall: ***

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