Krishna Bharathala on Teen Jeopardy!

By: Anjali Kanthilal

MSJ Sophomore, Krishna Bharathala is competing in this year’s Teen Tournament on Jeopardy. Jeopardy is a television quiz show that runs for about 30 minutes every night. The Smoke Signal interviewed Bharathala, one of the 15 out of 20,000 competitors chosen. 

Bharathala has always watched Jeopardy and wanted to be a part of the show. When he learned that the TV show was holding online tryouts, he decided to try out just for fun. The next thing he knew, he had passed and gotten accepted for a live audition in LA.

Bharathala explains that he was nervous, but meeting so many others and being on the studio was an experience in and of itself.

Bharathala is involved with quiz-bowl at MSJ and watched previous episodes of Jeopardy to help him prepare. “In general,” he explains, “I like humanities and science, so I have a broad range of knowledge.”

On Wednesday, May 2, quarterfinals were held inLos Angeles. Throughout the match Bharathala was poised and ready at all times. He never stopped and kept his head up no matter what happened. By the end of the show, all three contestants had broken the $15,000 mark. The first two places each had $22,600 and $21,000 respectively, while Bharathala finished in third with $15,000.

While only the first place winner in the five quarterfinal rounds will make it to the semifinals, Bharathala still has a chance if he is chosen as a wild card, or as one of the four highest “money makers.” News of whether he moves on or not will be revealed in the next show airing on Friday, May 4 at 7:30 on channel ABC 7.

Will he make it? Watch to find out today.

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