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Need Sadie’s Advice?

By: Anusha Rijhsinghani

Girls, it’s that time of year again where we are in control and have the opportunity to do the unconventional: ask a guy to a dance. Yes, that’s right, the Sadie Hawkins dance is only a few weeks away which means it’s time to start figuring out who to ask and more importantly, how.

As one of my male friends so eloquently put, “Guys don’t go for the romantic stuff that girls fall for. Just straight-up ask him.” I guess that could be one approach to asking a guy to Sadie’s, or you could take the road less traveled by and go all out and have fun with it. After all, it is our one and only chance to be on the other side of the ask.  Endless options await your discovery, but here are a few suggestions to get you started!


Step 1: Find a Guy

This is probably the most difficult and most crucial step. It’s important to ask someone you have a good chance with–one of your really close friends, someone you talk to a lot, or someone you get along with well. Refrain from choosing someone obscure that you’ve only said hi to in the hallways a few times or just occasionally smiled at. I know its surprising, `but occasional eye-contact does not make you “hella tight.”


Step 2: Find out his schedule

After you’ve narrowed it down to the guy you want to ask, find out his schedule! You can take the more Sherlock Holmes approach and subtly stalk him between his classes or go the resourceful route and ask his friends to tell you. This is an important step as knowing his schedule can be extremely helpful during your ask.


Step 3: Ask!

Coming up with a creative way to ask a guy to Sadie’s is probably almost as difficult as choosing the actual guy. But worry not, the Smoke Signal has provided you with a couple of different approaches that you can take and put your own spin on.


The Romantic Approach:

Freeze red color-dyed water in a heart shape with a note on the inside. Give the heart to the guy you’re asking, and he’ll see that there’s a note stuck inside and will wait for it to melt. When he can read the note, it will say “Now that you’ve melted my heart, will you go to Sadie’s with me?”


The Edible Approach:

The way to any guy’s heart is through his stomach. Any ask involving food is an almost guaranteed acceptance. You can go simple and just make them a sandwich (it’s what they’ve wanted for so long anyways) or get more extravagant and make a pizza with olives or pepperoni spelling out “Sadie’s”


The Nerdy Approach:

Hold up a sign that says “I made a sin cos I think I will have a tan of fun with you at Sadie’s!” If they get confused and don’t understand your punny wit, shake your head in disapproval and walk away; they’re not worthy of going with you.


The Extravagant Approach:

Gather up a bunch of your and his friends and conduct a flash mob! This is a large-scale synchronized dance that appears to be randomly timed. You can either put this to his favorite song or go with the more obvious approach of a song such as “Sadie Hawkins Dance” by Relient K. Have the flash mob end with your friends spelling out “Sadie’s” and wait a few minutes for his response as he gets over the shock of your incredible ask.


Regardless of who you ask and how, remember to just have fun and maybe even push the boundaries of your comfort zone. Don’t be afraid to ask teachers or advisors for help; they enjoy these just as much as we do! Be creative and enjoy the fruitful results of your work at the dance on the 24th!

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