ASB Candidate Elections: President

By: Anjali Kanthilal
Smoke Signal: What experience do you have working with the student body? How will it show if/when you become president?

Monica Liu: I am currently the ASB secretary, so I do have a lot of experience working with the student body. We’ve planned a lot of events this year and many new things as well. We’ve made the MSJ ASB website, we’ve created a Twitter account, and a new Facebook group. We’ve also implemented a new minute structure during council, and a new club process this year so that clubs can be really successful. In ASB this year, we’ve reached out to many people and asked what they would like to see. Before that I was also class secretary for the Freshmen and Sophomore class. I’ve also been an officer since the fifth grade so I’ve had a lot of experience and a chance to really hone my leadership skills.


Shuai Zhu: I am currently the President of a club on campus, so I have a general idea of how to manage people, and plan lectures accordingly. And also, regarding interactions with the student body, I’ve been talking to a lot of people, picking up what they would like to see in the school and I think I could appeal to the students’ interests if I become ASB President. For the remainder of this year, I will train under the current ASB President if I am elected, so I still have time to pick up the skills necessary to become President, and therefore help the student body.




SS: As ASB President, what would you do to helpMission’s student body and the school? Specific Ideas?

ML: As ASB President, you go to otherFremontschools and you see what they have and what they do. From what I have seen, I am really interested in starting an Eco-Fair: inviting companies over to get people more aware and to be green. I also really want to start a Career Fair, so people would know more about what career they are interested in.

SZ: I am actually more interested in direct school affairs. I have been talking to a lot of my friends and going around the school to see what they want to change. Some specific things I would like to include are: streamlining the club information because I currently find that it is quite inefficient. Another policy I would like to implement would be government transparency because the student body does not know what is going on in the student government.  I would like to try to fix that. I also feel that there isn’t enough participation from the students during events. For example, we aren’t representing the whole school in Friday Activities, or other such events. So that is what I will try to change.


SS: Tell us about yourself and why you feel you are best qualified for this position.

ML: Well, I’m really friendly and I love talking to people, so I’ll be able to reach out to many people. Also, I do have experience, because as ASB President you need to know what you’re doing and you need to know everything about the school and I do have that experience not just with my class, but as part of ASB this year. You need to know everything about this school. Also, I’m really great with working with people. Every single year, actually, we’ve had new officers, so that really helped me to get to know people. That really helped me get to know different types of personalities to work with and how to work with them.

SZ: I feel that I am really outgoing and can introduce a new mindset, and perhaps change the ASB government in a way it would benefitMission. I also manage a company called Impact Scholar, which I created and I manage people there. I am also friendly, social, and I talk to people, so I think I would do pretty well in Leadership.


SS: Any last comments to voters?

ML: I really love this school because I came in freshmen year and not knowing what to expect. Then we had Homecoming, and I thought, “Wow, this is really great because there’s so much spirit and unity!” I absolutely love it and that is what has pushed me to do even more for this school.

SZ: The reason I was really motivated to run for this position was because when I tried to create my club, I encountered a lot of difficulties, and I realized there were problems in this school which I needed to fix. And therefore, after consulting with my friends and the people around me, I realized there were problems atMissionwhich could be fixed. By standing up and running, I could represent the people who were anti-social but wanted to stand up. I could represent their interests and implement them. That is the reason I am running.

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