ASB Election Candidates: Activities Coordinator

By: Sonali Toppur


Smoke Signal: What qualities do you possess that make you a good candidate for this position?

Charley Lin: I’m a very open-minded person, and always open to new ideas. Also, I’m very social and love to be around other people. Being Activities Coordinator is a position in which you have to bring the school together and put yourself out there. This is a quality that I have. I’m also very hard working, and a lot of fun!

Neha Nayak: Being a member of L2 has definitely given me the insight and experience needed to work as a team collectively. I’ve been on the Activities Committee in L2 so I have been working all of this year to help create and plan school events. I also have leadership experience from my position as the Junior Class Secretary. I really think both of these positions have helped encourage me to branch out to the school and get involved.

SS: What do you hope to accomplish as the new Activities Coordinator? Would there be any changes you’d make?

CL: I would try to get everyone to socialize more with each other. I would plan Friday activities that make Fridays a lot of fun and try to get students to relax more and not be too stressed out.
NN: I would try to come up with more innovative and fun ideas for school events and activities next year. I’d also like to change up the Friday activities a little and I have a lot of plans as to how to do that. For example, I think I would have more student and teacher involvement because I think that students are more likely to come out when their teachers are participating as well. Plus it’s just fun!


SS: What makes you a better candidate than your opponent?

CL: I’m just really cut out for this job, because I’m such a social person and I’m always interested in meeting new people. I already have a large number of really great Friday activities planned out already that I think the school will enjoy a lot. For example, I have one called “Who Nose” in which students would have to guess what things are based on their smell!

NN: Well as I said, I have taken on leadership positions already, and I have spent this year working with the current Activities Coordinator so I’ve seen how the job is done. I am capable of making firm decisions and working under pressure.
SS: Tell us one interesting talent that you have!

CL: I can do a really good impersonation of Ms. Swan from MadTV, and it’s pretty spot-on!

NN: I’m actually a pretty good rapper. Give me a good beat and I’ll lay it down!




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