GOP Election Candidates

By: Vipin Dulam

A form of this article appeared in the December 20, 2011 issue of the Smoke Signal. This version includes additional candidates in the GOP election.

John Hunstsman
Former Utah Governor John Huntsman has held three different political offices so far, and is definitely shooting to hold a fourth. Apart from being governor, Huntsman has also served as the Ambassador to bothSingapore andChina. Due to his experience with the two major trading countries, Huntsman is holds extensive knowledge in Foreign Policy matter but is also well known for his conservative tax policies and has repeatedly stated the US should increase ties with China in order to have a more ‘robust engagement’ with North Korea and other target countries. The formerUtah governor also identifies as a pro-life candidate and is strongly against abortion. Huntsman does not support same-sex marriage although he does have a history of supporting civil liberty unions.

Rick Perry

The successor to George W. Bush as governor ofTexas, Rick Perry is seeking the Republican presidential nomination. Although, the debates have not gone in his favor, Perry has stirred up conservatives across the nation, thus placing him as a top contender and direct threat to Romney for many weeks. Perry has had a moderately successful term as the Governor of Texas but the main reason his campaign has been dwindling into third place (behind Newt Gingrich, Mitt Romney, and Ron Paul) is the poor debate performances he has shown in the past three debates. Although Perry speaks confidently when he makes a point, he stumbles and stutters whenever there is a direct accusation against him on the debate floor. He has been constantly attacked by the other candidates for his controversial mandate that all girls inTexas get vaccinated for the human papillomavirus virus (HPV) which causes a sexually transmitted disease. Perry also faltered in his response when he was asked what three agencies of government he would remove when he reaches office. These events have caused Perry’s support to dwindle in the polls.

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