Cirque du Seniors Review

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  2. there is no way that first place will be taken from the seniors. our homecoming was OUTSTANDING. every single year the seniors poke fun at ALL underclassmen, juniors included, therefore it should not be taken personal by anyone. Homecoming is the spirit of unity and friendly competition! everyone will have their chance, guranteed. the freshman, sophomores, and juniors think we’re “mean” and “disrespectful” when in reality, our pranking is taken extremely too seriously. you will never understand until YOU are a senior and it’s YOUR turn. we have had so many restrictions put on us by administration that we couldn’t even enjoy our senior homecoming experience. not to mention the teachers’ lashing out very in appropriately towards the senior class. for more than 50 years has homecoming been the way it was in previous years and seniors this year got the short end of the stick. it is our last homecoming EVER and the actions and restrictions enforce upon us has killed the spirit of homecoming, however we still managed to come out on top and end with a bang. We merely want to enjoy our last year and everyone should honestly not take any of the joking or pranking seriously. it’s the spirit of homecoming and thats what it’s all about. of you can’t take the heat, stay out of the kitchen.

  3. *if
    stupid autocorrect

  4. Senior in the skit | October 20, 2011 at 5:52 pm | Reply

    Great job Smoke Signal! Thank you so much for the compliments and the critique on our flaws. We gave it our all and are extremely proud of our work! I would just like to add that our skit was actually finished; we were cut off from the last 10 seconds of our ending airband. Bummer? Yeah. However we rebounded immediatly with cheers and still brought the crowd to its feet.
    And major kudos to the Smoke Signal for taking this week’s beatings from hecklers, trolls, and complainers from all sides, and still doing what you do best- reporting. Makes me proud.
    “1,2 that’s how we do! 1,2- we finally did it!” <3

  5. Cathy P Werner | October 20, 2011 at 5:55 pm | Reply

    Today I visited Mission San Jose high school to see the senior play. I was hoping to see a group of students that would set a proper role model for my daughter(a freshman)but I was immensely disappointed. The play was nice and all, but when it got to the dances I was shocked. These teenage girls were being overly showy and flaunting way too much skin than what should be allowed. It was in some ways disgusting. Their movements were offensive and the music they were dancing to was very explicit. It is to my understanding that these so called “booty dances” were banned but why then were the students allowed to perform these overly sexual dances. I am very disappointed in Mission San Jose high school’s senior class for putting on a performance that left me and other parents feeling uncomfortable.

    • It’s a tradition that has been around for decades. It was not nearly as explicit as past years. And I see nothing wrong with the music or the outfits. I’m sorry if you feel that way.

    • If you find this uncomfortable, I have no qualms about advising you to move to another school district where you won’t find such “showy and flaunting way too much skin”.

      OH, wait.

    • It’s the culture. Take it or leave it please.

      Seniors this year are severely limited with what they can or cannot do as it is. Still feeling offended? Please consider another school then, since Mission is obviously such a horrible place.

      Then again, Mission isn’t a top-notch school because their students can shake their butts.

    • We are no longer in the 1950s =[

    • Get over yourself. Its a school tradition. There are more parents out there that couldn’t care less versus those that do care. It just so happens to be that the ones that care are the ones who are outspoken and whiny.

      Sorry if this is disrespectful but it is true.

    • I think we seniors did a really good job this year considering all the restrictions placed on us. If you saw last year seniors, they were way more provocative and “overly sexual.” These booty dances are for fun and most of the students were laughing. The dances were amazing and well-coordinated.

    • I am a Parent too | October 20, 2011 at 7:52 pm | Reply

      I am a parent too and I disagree with the above parent. I made an effort to come watch every homecoming show at lunch time from work. I am touched by the creativities, the talent and the passion these students have displayed. This is what youth suppose to be!!! We should cheer for them. Don’t using your “traditional” rules to judge these kids or the school on the surface. Through months of preparation for homecoming, they learnt so much outside the classroom, such as unity, pride, cooperation, focus, team work, organization, hands on experiences on building decorations etc. There are plenty role models if you look into it beyond the dance movements you don’t like personally.

  6. Great job, seniors did! Proud of them, I am!

  7. Hey cathy send ur girl to castilleja. Mission girls got swag and the seniors killed it out there not even the excellent sophomore performance came close to the SENIORSSSSSSS! 1,2 thas how we du!

  8. ma’am, your comments are not only demeaning, but rude and unnecessary. for a parent to be so judgemental and condescending, is even more appalling in my opinion. if you didn’t enjoy the performance, please dont return to watch the up and coming years.

  9. Wow…..This review is probably the most BS review I have ever read. Everything the smoke signal has written is total bull. it’s obvious that the writers are seniors. Firstly, they state that the decorations were “posh”. Unless “posh” means mediocre, that statement is false. The decorations looks liked they were rushed in an hour. This may be because the senior “all nighter” only lasted two hours, which is probably why the deco was so cheap and shoddy. How could the senior class do this? Don’t they care at all about winning? I don’t mean any offense, I love the seniors, but this is a bit pathetic. And no offense but the skit was pretty poorly written as well, I mean, why was there a joker? A joker isn’t even a clown…. A joker is more like a jester, which performs at a kings’ court rather than at a carnival? I mean if the theme was a carnival based theme they should have put more effort into the costume design. Not to be mean but their were some other inconsitstencys as well; for instance, why did they get a girl to play indiana jones? That too an INDIAN girl. That is a bit racist, just because she is indian doesnt mean she has to be INDIANa jones. Also, in back to the future they use a “flux capacitor” to travel through time NOT a cristal ball. I love the seniors and all but these plot holes can detur an audience from the main purpose of the skit. Another thing that was bad was the dirty dancing; at certain points in the dances I thought the girls would just straight up strip because they were soooo sexual and provacative! The seniors didnt put enough effort into organizing the homecoming performance and the deco. It is a shame because usually the seniors are supposed to take the show, but this time they couldnt even meet the bar. The smoke signal should reconsider their review, they give too much credit to the seniors; not that this is a bad thing its just that it influences people to vote more for the seniors than the other classes in a competition meant to show which class is bettr. Again I DO NOT want to seem mean, I’m just stating the facts that the seniors WERE the worst this year when they should have been better. sorry

    • you should REALLY consider deleting this comment because you really don’t understand how dumb this makes you look…. seriously. respect your elders.

    • if the seniors were bad, then everyone else was downright terrible.
      also 1. sexist
      2. who the balls cares about a flux capacitor?
      3. I dont think I can respond to the joker thing in an appropriate sentence ( and yes “balls” is appropriate)

    • Classes aren’t allowed to review themselves, so your premise is false.

      Just to clarify, our skit was technically based on Cirque Du Soleil, which is very different from a circus, but we decided to stick with a more traditional circus setting. The character was a combination of a clown and a jester. We don’t have to STRICTLY follow our theme.

      And really? AN INDIAN GIRL PLAYING INDIANA JONES IS RACIST? What is wrong with you. First off, it was a character INSPIRED by Indiana Jones, just like how all the characters aren’t direct carbon copies of the original characters, obviously. And what does being Indian have to do with anything? That’s the most ridiculously absurd statement I’ve ever read. She was a good actor, who happened to be Indian. If anything you are racist for making her race a big deal. How dare you.

      As stated repeatedly, dirty dancing? Booty dances from past senior skits have been much worse. End of story. And enough of this “well I love the seniors, I’m not trying to be mean” bullshit. It’s obvious that you’re heavily biased. You barely gave us any credit. And again “AN INDIAN CHARACTER PLAYING INDIANa JONES?” What the hell is that? We used a crystal ball because she was a fortune teller and worked well with our plot, but that’s beside the point. The whole point is to be creative and not EXPLICITLY copy the plot elements of other classes, merely adapt it. A “flux capacitor” would make NO sense. Whoever wrote this has no concept of creativity. I swear.

      We had golden stars with all of our name son it covering the side of the office. We had an amazing colorful backdrop, popcorn trashcans, balloons lining up the entire side, a circus tent banner at the top of the amphitheater, flags, a tunnel, cutouts of elephants and otters and a bunch of other props. You did not mention the band that opened up for us. Or the two girls singing with Ryan beatboxing. Or our co-ed tahitian with the guys CARRYING the girls on their shoulders. You made know mention of our baton routine or our bboy dance with one of the guys doing a windmill or our taekwondo. We had a very well-executed jazz dance with seven girls and a salsa dance. And not to mention our AMAZING hip hop.

      • I have to disagree with you “firestarter”, the decorations weren’t that good at all. Also your argument is pretty weak seeing as how you used subjective opinionated points and “misterJ” used facts….

        • “why did they get a girl to play indiana jones? That too an INDIAN girl. That is a bit racist, just because she is indian doesnt mean she has to be INDIANa jones.”

          • Fresh/soph/junior/senior? | October 20, 2011 at 9:14 pm |

            The senior’s decorations were pretty clever. Nobody puts in how the managed to throw in all of their previous themes into the backdrop, and the raw amount of red they used is still very impressive.

        • “misterJ” did not use facts.

    • btw, inconsistencies*. learn to spell. thanks.

    • *crystal ball. not cristal ball.

    • I DO NOT want to seem mean, I’m just stating the fact that you are a complete idiot

    • You serious. Maybe monica was just chosen because she’s a hecka good actor…not because she’s INDIAN and its INDIANa jones -_-

      • Thoughtful Junior | October 20, 2011 at 9:08 pm | Reply

        Its insulting that RACE would be a deciding factor in the decision of the person to play the junior in the senior homecoming skit. The actor (id rather not use names here, even though we know, and i know and you know who they are) is simply good, and is a relatively cool person who honestly deserved and did well with the part. Its all over now, so chill.

    • “This may be because the senior “all nighter” only lasted two hours”

      So you’re suggesting that I did NOT run 4 miles that night to get supplies and that I did not stay up 9 hours? I think you need to reconsider.

      Although you are right about the planning – some of the “heads” didn’t do a good job of thinking of the designs. I concur.

  10. Not putting name because i might get killed | October 20, 2011 at 6:34 pm | Reply

    To parents that put their name up, please don’t, especially if you have kids in school. Like it or not, people will start hating on them for what you’re doing in this comment section.
    On the brighter note, seniors did AMAZING! and again the review wayy too fancy for us mortals, just saying. But i absolutely loved all the performances, boys booty, girls airbands but the highlight would go to the beatbox. I had Spanish with him last year! Boys booty, as far as i’m concerned, they absolutely entertained the crowd with the goddamn rules and regulations the admins put on. Parents please, if u think this is bad, don’t let your kids watch tv or music videos(try “Sexy and i know it” by LMFAO, since every class except freshman used it)WIGGLE WIGGLE WIGGLE WIGGLE WIGGLE YEEEUH! and thank you for not bashing the sophomores as bad as we thought 😀 I’m really gonna miss my seniors <3

  11. Senior swag. Also let me tell you, we worked all night on stuff, usa. And we killed it

  12. i didn’t liek it. it was kinda boring and difficult to understand. lack of cohesion between the skits and whatever the heck was going. it was like watching a bunch of spliced together music videos if anything.

    personally i think people just hype the seniors as best because it’s just a norm to when in reality they didn’t do any better than the other classes. it’s not quality just because their skit was the longest.

    • CM: Yes, didn’t you also notice that the Junior was repeatedly portrayed as an unintelligent Indiana Jones?
      PW: Why yes! Even the Juniors seemed to notice that and clapped their hands over their heads.

      I died. “Du” it right!

      • im srry but did any of the seniors understand what the overhead clap was?!?!?! before you guys started using it?

        • it was a racist gesture directed towards indians……

          • Thoughtful Junior | October 20, 2011 at 9:13 pm |

            its probably a good thing tmsjtv doesnt use his/her name here. cuz you obtaining a lot of hate with these posts of yours. One could POSSIBLY figure from the fact that the Juniors said/shouted “Unity” when they clapped their hands and by timing it was their friendly alternative to “booing” when the seniors (we love you, but we’re kinda hurt that you insult us overmuch, more than was neccessary to get your laughs in many felt) UNITY IN THE FACE OF ADVERSITY

          • Fresh/soph/junior/senior? | October 20, 2011 at 9:18 pm |

            Do you really think that they are specifically throwing Indians under the bus throughout the entire thing? Cmon. The guy REPRESENTING THE SENIORS in the unity “Front Street Boys” was Indian.

          • So basically, you’re saying that people who do yoga are also racist to indians? Wooooow. It sounds more like YOU’RE racist

    • Okay, it’s not hype that the seniors are the best because it’s “normal,” it’s because we legitly performed the best. Did you not see our decorations? Our backdrop was amazing, we had stars with everyone’s name on it against the office, popcorn trashcans, balloons, and so much more. Our airbands and performances were so UNIQUE. What other grade had a band open that wrote a song for their class? A guy on a unicycle? A tahitian airband with the guys carrying the girls on their shoulders? A sick beatboxer with two singers? Or a hip hop dance that couldn’t be compared to any other class? I guess you could say I’m a little biased since I’m a senior, but in reality, we had one of the most diverse performances and in addition, we had so much class spirit. We worked so hard on homecoming, and I think it paid off because I, along with many others (not only seniors) believe we performed the best.

      • wow how noble of you.. let me sum up your argument


        I applaud your eloquence

        • LOL you should just stop talking. You’ve already gotten so much hate against you, do you really want more?

          I’m not telling them that his opinions about our skit/deco or whatever are wrong, I’m telling them that the “hype” doesn’t come from the fact that we’re seniors, it’s the fact that we worked so hard and we pulled it off, and that our performances were so different than the others. But I guess we’ll see at the homecoming dance who really was the best, huh?

        • U make people mad

        • I think people are starting to track your IP address down already, it’s best if you stop posting

          • OH NOES MY IP!!!!!


            what do you think an IP is scrub?

          • So @tmsjtv unless your router has a dynamic IP address then with it they can figure out exactly where you are when you post things from that IP. Before you overlook that please do some research. It has been done to people who troll on 4Chan threads,and people who troll on Steam community posts. However unlikely it is that someone will go through that effort, it is still true that you are probably clinically retarded

          • Actually…unless you have police tracking privileges or if you are super hacker, it is impossible to pinpoint an IP yo an address. Also did you just use “clinically” instead of “mentally” to seem smarter, because if you did I should let you know that it just shows how pathetic your retorts are.

      • Seniors go to...... | October 20, 2011 at 11:28 pm | Reply

        If the seniors are saying the juniors are bad then we can say that the seniors were worse!!!!!! Even the freshmen two years ago did better than u!!!!! In the deco the only good part was the popcorn in the skit there was no good thing and the dances were not bad. But still u get the point seniors sucked!!!

  13. The Seniors had the best skit and airbands.

  14. The seniors are the greatest group of individuals in the school! And when they unite, they are ONE-TWOGETHAA. WOOOOB.

  15. if you want boring and difficult to understand go look at the freshmen skit
    if you want “spliced together music videos” go look at the junior skit
    if you want the best: look at the senior skit.

  16. The seniors were the best of all time.

  17. Dude the seniors killed it. I think their deco took first without a doubt, and all of the performers were really, really talented! As much as the other classes would like to win first, I gotta say that no one matched up to these guys. Their last homecoming really did make an impact. 🙂 I’ll miss you guys next year. 🙁

  18. we love seniors <3
    you guys were absolutely amazing today. way to own the stage (:

  19. *Hands together over head*

  20. iDied

  21. I was pretty darn dissapointed. I’ve actually gone to see the cirque du sloeil live. This homecoming skit matched none of the elements present in the actual cirque’s perfore. Cirque du soleil has hundred of amazing acrpbats doing superhuman feats such as tight rope walking, human chains, and death defieng jumps. The senior homecoming however contained NONE of these key elements. This is technically a reason to dock of points because of false advertising and lying. I’m sorry seniors but that was cirque du so-LAME

    • We haven’t learned to defy death yet. Sorry we couldn’t meet your expectations. Go learn to do a cartwheel.
      Seniors rocked the stage today! 1-2-thats how we “du”!!

    • We know it wasn’t accurate to Cirque Du Soleil. But false advertising? It was a HOMECOMING SKIT. Chill out.

    • ^ . Did you honestly want seniors to SUDDENLY become AMAZING ACROBATS and provide to you DEATH DEFYING STUNTS … Wtf ??? If you Want to see the real thing go watch it again… And ema Freshman

    • Yeah.. imagine how i felt when the freshmen didn’t disappear into the past…

    • I swear to god if youre a sophomore, it would be the funniest thing ever. i dont wanna be mean, but at least our skit was relevant to the theme and upheld the circus theme and atmosphere.

    • Thoughtful Junior | October 20, 2011 at 9:20 pm | Reply

      hope none of the Juniors are doing any of this hating junk, because I want to make it clear i have no connection with them

    • no one said that u had to get it it straight from the book or movie…no wonder ur class sucked


    • we have RYAAAAN THE BEATBOXER. accept your defeat at our hands and crawl back to whichever hole you came from

  23. Im Sexy and i Know it

    That is all

  24. ye we da Senors wer duu best that were evar ther and yuor dirserspct id not very goo cuz the senrs are thesmrteast in het wolrd adn wew fleel dat the bada jinuors adn sohpmores aer the badw meanies dtaht mneeda to be lana dfcekuf tehn mayeb we can btea teh frshemane in het hmeocoinmg sikts goo wobamooo bcuuse trhe seniors atere teh best!!!

  25. Lol hes drunk and he knows it ^

  26. Cathy P Werner | October 20, 2011 at 8:09 pm | Reply

    I do not know how you got my email address but I have been receiving numerous vile and filthy emails after posting on this website. These emails are considered harassment and blackmailing. This type of behavior is threatening and if I continue to receive these emails I will not hesitate to contact the authorities. So please grow up and stop sending me these offensive messages.

    • Dear Sir Or Mamdam ,

      I am a senior and i thorughly apologize for the Statements anyone has made; however You did NOT have to put your email address down ? Lol??? Plus your opinions are your opinions .. There is no need to tell others that you thought the booty dances were innappropraite .. Being in it myself i find it fun .. In no way did i ever feel degraded or anything .. I was just Having fun ^_^ If dont want your daughter to see it … Then maybe YOU SHOULD MOVE TO ANOTHER SCHOOL DISTRICT.. Again sorry for anything that anyone may have said x )

    • You’re an idiot.

  27. i hate all of you

  28. I was really offended by the juniors’ gestures during the skit today. The juniors were being incredibly racist and offensive every time the indiana jones girl came on stage. By clapping their hands above their heads in that fashion they were poking fun at my race and culture.The juniors called it the “namaste” pose. I am an indian and find it very VERY offensive when people make fun of my culture by mimicking a stereotype. So what if she was indian, IT DOESN’T MEAN YOU HAVE TO MOCK HER!!!. I hope I am not the only person who is hurt by these racist gestures and I hope the juniors lose points for this.

    • Herp (ASophThatMightNotBeCorrect) | October 20, 2011 at 8:32 pm | Reply

      I’m pretty sure they were imitating the pose Dr. Brown did when he said “UNITY!” in the frosh skit whenever they got bashed on, not whenever Indiana Jones came out. >.> Why would they mock the character that represents their class?

    • I’m sorry that you were offended, but we actually weren’t holding that pose to mean “namaste”. We saw one of the characters in the freshman skit use that pose when he said the word “unity” and thought it was pretty cool, so we decided to use that pose whenever a joke against our class came up. We honestly meant for it to mean unity, I don’t know who went around telling people that it meant anything else.


    • I think you have severe mental problems.

    • ohmygoodness this gave me a good laugh.

      We love Monica Chitre!!!

      The “Unity” sign was something made as an alternative to booing.

      And we weren’t going to call it the “namaste” pose…..

      until now. 😀

  29. seniors did really, really well today! i’m super impressed!
    however, even though we DID have unique decorations, dances and such, the skit was a bit hard to follow. also, i kind of felt unfair because we kept on disparaging the other classes. i saw how many people started to boo at the skit people, so the skit wasnt exactly that great.
    we DID, however, have a lot of spirit and everything else i thought was flawless.
    the other classes did extremely well too! i will really, really miss all my friends in other classes next year 🙁 but i hope next year, you do well! 🙂

  30. trolls will be trolls | October 20, 2011 at 8:31 pm | Reply

    but honest to goodness

    seniors you guys brought it home today

  31. why do the seniors think that the juniors were doing the clap above their heads because they were trying to boo but didnt want to say it outloud. I was in the back during the junior boys booty and before they went into their lines, they were in a circle and chanted unity and even made that sign…

  32. i am a sophomore tofu | October 20, 2011 at 8:45 pm | Reply

    I thought the seniors were amazing! (except I kinda went oTL for myself when I saw the “Petting Zoo” banner over the N-wing because my lockers are there…) The skit was interesting and easy to follow and I really appreciate the fact that they didn’t bash so much on us ^^;; The airbands were exciting and it was overall a great end to Homecoming. Too bad they didn’t get to finish their finale dance x[


  34. proud to call 2012 my sister class, yoda is!

  35. Thoughtful Junior | October 20, 2011 at 9:25 pm | Reply

    NOT the original^ but its probably better this way

  36. im absolutely shocked by the waste and trash left behind from the homecoming skits especially the senior one. what was the purpose of putting danger tape all over the place? what’s that supposed to represent? as a student at this school I dont want to live in a trash heap thanks you animals leaving your droppings and crap everywhere. why did you guys put a wall of paper stars? do you know how expensive and wasteful that is?

    also the noise level was ridiculous. during the lunch time i went to my house across the street to take a nap and I could clearly hear the cheering and noise. it was ridiculous. you guys are dropping the property value and disturbing people living near the school.

    • One only needs to move 1 block away in order to not hear the sound.

      • Most people pay a lot of money for their homes. Thousands of dollars are spent on mortgage and utilities each year. So unlike you normal people cant just push their shopping cart and blanket across the street.

        :):):):):):) :):):):):) :):):):):) 🙂 🙂 :):):)
        🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂
        🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂
        :):):):):):) 🙂 :):):):):) 🙂 🙂 :):):):)
        🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂
        🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂
        :):):):):):) :):):):):) 🙂 🙂 :):):) :):):)

      • One only needs to stop yelling to stop being annoying.

        • 1. your name is druid
          2. didnt know druids can turn into trolls
          3. if you didn’t like the noise walk your lazy ass to mcdonalds and eat some mcnuggets
          4.too much unity for you? rick james

  37. Seniors deco HELLA good popcorn trashcans and balloons creative
    Senior Airbands HELLLA good
    Senior Spirit HELLA good
    Senior skit no offence but not that great the seniors overall did the best but the skit was kinda confusing also i understood why all the airbands were put together at the end but it kinda took away the effect from each airband. It became boring watching them all together after a while. but the costumes were hella good especially the eye makeup in the joker.

  38. Thoughtful Junior | October 20, 2011 at 9:35 pm | Reply

    indeed, insults as arguments is a logical fallacy

  39. Thoughtful Junior | October 20, 2011 at 9:39 pm | Reply

    sense that all fo tmsjtv’s posts disappeared,
    i am stating fact, not drawing any form of conclusion

  40. uh sophomores! | October 20, 2011 at 9:47 pm | Reply

    Dude, it’s homecoming. the one week during the school year when we can all cheer and have fun and go all out to support our classes and school. so. how is that dropping the property value? really? these four days. will. drop. your. property value? No, you know, I think you living here is dropping the property value =.=

  41. LOL Well wow, you’re mature! It’s obviously a joke.

  42. …dude. what.

  43. these comments are the funniest things i have ever read in my entire life

  44. this is the funniest crap i have ever seen

  45. this is the funniest crap i have seen in a long time

  46. 2012 loves 2014
    2014 loves 2012
    enough said

  47. is what you guys were. 2014 loves 2012. so proud to be your sister class. thank you guys for always having our back. you put so much effort into your homecoming this year, and it definitely showed (:

  48. Was this senior class the only one to NOT have a topless boys dance? Or was that banned too?

  49. You know what would be cool? If the admins thought up of a way to keep the names of the posters anonymous, but somehow get their class colors as the color for their comments.


  51. Honestly,

    All you freshmen/sophomores/juniors/seniors for whatever reason hate your own class/parents…

    It’s senior year. The LAST year of high school for us. Sure it gets overrated at times but HEY, every other class had their chance to shine at the top in the past and it WILL continue like this in the future. Our officers put in so much effort for 4 years for each homecoming over summer, over the first 1 and a half months of school. Not saying that the other class officers didn’t work their asses off too, I’m just saying that in truth:

    All this bashing on the senior class is just lame. The more a class complains about the other, the more expectations that class puts on itself. Just making the job harder for officers. & think about it freshmen/soph/juniors/whoever, wouldn’t you like the chance to give your last ‘hoorah’ to the school as a senior? wouldn’t you do the same to put SOME bits of class mocking in your skits? Thats the FUN part about HC Week. After a whole week of classes pitting against each other, we see our whole school coming together again nonetheless at the G&W Assembly. Thats how it’s been at mission. REALLY.

    I think only officers should only be the ones to criticize each others work because only THEY KNOW how much effort, time, and energy went into the planning.

    Everyone else who leaves rude comments and tries to talk down about their efforts …

    1) Doesn’t have the right to
    2) Doesn’t get the big picture
    3) Has too much time on their hands & chose to respond negatively to a perfectly normal week in the school year

    Chillax y’alls. It’s just HC Week. Wait til you guys become the seniors. Its going to be a blast. Having fun, enjoying it, cherishing those memories, and coming together at the end is all that matters when you get right down to it.

  52. YoungSophomore | October 20, 2011 at 10:55 pm | Reply

    As a sophomore, I know we were great, but there is no questions the SENIORS took the first place. As for their booty dances, they were just being creative and having fun. The juniors are retarded with their hands and they shall fail. Freshies try too hard

  53. I think I know who “Thoughtful Junior” is…

  54. TO ALL OF THE STUPID FRESHMAN, SOPHOMORES AND JUNIORS WHO HATE (if you didn’t hate, this isn’t directed towards you), your opinion doesn’t really matter at all nor does it hold any value. we don’t want to hear what your young and incompetent mind has to say because we all know you guys do not even compare to the seniors, hands down. i lose brain cells reading your ridiculous comments because they’re so dumb. so you can go cry about it now and ruin homecoming a little more each year for the future senior classes.
    freshman – cry too much. GET OVER IT
    sophomores – we love y’all
    juniors – what is a junior?

  55. and tmsjtv, please stop demanding so much attention. go outside and get a life please. we really don’t care about you and you’re not funny or entertaining.

  56. Haha I’m a Junior myself and honestly our class didn’t actually give a hoot about the “bashing”, wasn’t that bad! We just decided to have fun with it and do the clap sign…because booing is isn’t cool! Haha awesome job Seniors you wowed everyone! To the other (Juniors? Sophomores? Freshman?) that are obviously trolling the Seniors by saying “they suck,” please know your rank. Everyone (all classes) work really hard every year and comments like those are obviously from those who aren’t involved at all. In other words…STOP TROLLINNNN

  57. You're Kidding | October 21, 2011 at 11:55 pm | Reply

    This thread is troll central.

  58. So I’m a senior and I saw a whole bunch of seniors walking around like they so cool. Like pushing around freshmens and stealing their calculators are no way to show unity. I myself am a hypocrite because I saw this really small freshmen and I kicked his butt and pulled a ear hair out of him. Then I took a rubberband and put it around his fingers. I thought it was funny so I put it around my fingers too. We are now matching best friends. I should take him out to lunch but I know the other seniors will make fun of me.

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