Back to the Future Freshmen Review

As Brad left his AP Physics class and met Angelina on her way out of AP Calc, they were enchanted by the mass of blue surrounding the amphitheater. Expecting the best, and anxious for the Back to the Future brilliance, they sat down and opened their hearts to the sounds of 2015’s spirit.


Angelina: Hey Brad, how much do you think it cost them to put all of this blue up?

Brad: Not sure, but from what I heard, the Freshmen are pretty well off as far as funding goes…

A: Yeah, I can tell! They definitely outshined all the previous Freshman classes with decorations. There’s blue everywhere!

B: Well Angie, the decorations are only a part of it. Let’s see what they come up with for their performance.



—10 minutes later—


B: *Snore* Oh! Woah! What? It’s over??

A: Brad! Come on, be nice! It was only the first hip-hop airband! There are still three more to go…

B: Wow. How do you know that? Doesn’t four hip-hop airbands sound like three too many?

A: Yeah, but in their defense, they had some pretty cool moves! Remember when the kid jumped and rolled over four people? That was awesome!

B: How do you know!? They haven’t even performed yet!

A: I jumped into their cardboard time machine and saw their performance in the future! They have a really cool Cultural Airband coming up!

B: I hope they manage to successfully incorporate it into the skit. It’ll be hard with all the hip-hop airbands.

A: Yeah, but I’m still looking forward to it! It was, or is going to be, a talented and colorfully costumed girl performing a traditional Asian dance with a water pail; I’ve never seen anything like it!

B: Hmmm, I’m excited to see it! But I’m still stuck on the first song! Oooh ooh oooh! Although there’s pain in my chest, I still wish you the best with a…

A: Focus Brad! I loved how everyone sang along, but it was a shame their microphones weren’t up to par. Though, I don’t think the technical difficulties are the fault of the Freshmen.

B: Yeah, but they had a great opportunity to show their spirit to cover for the lacking sound, but just like the Homecoming assembly last Friday, it was hard to hear them, despite their overwhelmingly large crowd.

A: Hey did you hear when Doc said that it took him 2015 hours to build the car? I was waiting for all the Freshmen to jump up and cheer, but no one seemed to catch on. Wait…should we cheer right now? There’s an awkward pause between scenes.

B: No, just leave it. We didn’t cheer for the last five either.

A: That’s true. Their transitions could’ve been a lot smoother, but I liked how they used the classic Journey song, “Don’t Stop Believing” to entice the crowd.

B: Didn’t they forget the lyrics though?

A: No, I think that was just the sound system acting up again.

B: Oh well, they sang “Animal” by Neon Trees to make up for it later, that was pretty cool!



—10 minutes Later—


A: Yeah!Missionwon! The Freshmen united the entire crowd to make their time machine work so we could beat Kennedy!

B: Too bad the last time we won a championship was ACTUALLY in 1978.

A: Yeah, I was really impressed that the Freshmen did their homework on our football history.

B: I figured that out, but I’m not sure how they got to the game. The skit was pretty confusing and hard to follow.

A: No matter, it was an admirable effort from the Freshmen. Plus, they have three more years to grow from this experience! Come on, Brad! We have to be on set for our next movie, “Westside Story Sophomores!” Shooting starts tomorrow, we have to get a good night’s sleep!


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  1. If only all of the upperclassmen hadn’t screamed straight through the freshman’s skit. Totally disrespectful. It’s cool to cheer for your own class when appropriate, but once you start taking focus away from the class-of-the-day, you’re being a jerk. Anyway, I can’t wait to see what 2015 will bring next year! 🙂

  2. this review was incredibly difficult to comprehend… next time try not to be clever and just put forward the information in a way that is relevant and understandable (perhaps something the freshmen should have done with their skit)

  3. there’s only one of the airbands isn’t mentioned ata ll.

  4. one of the airbands isn’t mentioned at all*

    • Captain Obvious | October 18, 2011 at 8:34 am | Reply


  5. Sarah Limestone Cardboard Carver | October 17, 2011 at 9:28 pm | Reply

    Okay pls, Miss Pickle you must understand that we’re supposed to scream throughout the skit because that’s how we show SPIRIT. We (juniors) never took the focus away from the skit, we actually allowed attention to remain on the freshmen during all the slow and awk moments where people were beginning to roll their eyes and sigh. We know how hard it is, performing up there and trying to have everything together and solid, so we did everything in our power to be there for the frosh. We kept the spirit going, and we lent them megaphones, and we subtly covered up awkward moments by cheering, clapping, singing along, and just going wild so everything would run smoothly.
    And PS, amazing review, super clever and witty! LOL i always love the hc reviews and how you incorporate that tinge of humor and sharpeness in your writing. hooray for brangelina! :)))

  6. For future reference, I think four hip hop airbands is okay if they have at least 4 or 5 more airbands with different styles (jazz, tahitian, ballroom, bboy, contemporary, etc.)

    Their airbands were really long, but I really do give them credit for putting the effort into it. However, I did feel that they spread themselves a little too thin. It got kind of uncoordinated during certain parts and some of the dancers looked like they were nervous. They should shorten the airbands and really focus on putting more energy when executing it. I thought the Chinese dance was really unique.

    Also a few of the voice actors seemed really out of character, especially the freshman one.

  7. FREE WOOBAM!!!!

  8. Who gives other classes the right to “review” homecoming skits. This article is showing that seniors and upperclassmen have the right to critique another class’s homecoming performance. This act of critique implies that upperclassmen are better than sophomores and freshmen. How can a newspaper that prides itself on representing Mission as a whole do this?? By having students write reviews for homecoming, the smoke signal is subjecting our treasured class competitions to considerable bias.

    “*Snore* Oh! Woah! What? It’s over??”

    <this skit took a lot of hardwork and effort to make, we are supposed to be judged by judges, NOT by a bunch of upperclassmen (Who are supposed to be making an unbiased school newspaper!!!)

    It is not so much the content that is aggravating but the fact that bias and "upperclassmen superiority" is being injected into a source that was previously trusted as friendly and neutral. Although not as upfront, THIS IS a form of class harassment and should be pulled off of the site immediately. I am extremely offended and will complain to Mrs. Cohen about this.

    • Why do morons always feel the need to take something that is obviously tongue-in-cheek on an online STUDENT-RUN website this seriously?

      And you completely missed the point, the JUDGES judge you on the final outcome. The students in smoke signal are merely here to provide their own feedback.

      “By having students write reviews for homecoming, the smoke signal is subjecting our treasured class competitions to considerable bias.”

      Let me rephrase that for you “By having students write reviews on practically anything, which will have no bearing on the official outcome, somehow our class competitions will be critiqued with too much bias?” Uh what?

    • Anonymous Senior | October 18, 2011 at 7:51 pm | Reply

      Once again, your response here completely disregards the fact that this was a review. Once again, a REVIEW.

      It seems to me that the authors of this piece took every effort to praise the Freshmen, but the fact remains that the Freshmen were NOT very well organized and that their performance DID have some flaws.

      Rather than complaining about how this internet article did not create an adequate fabrication of praise, you should consider how the Freshman can benefit from constructive criticism and improve their future performances.

    • Nameinsertedhere | October 18, 2011 at 8:31 pm | Reply

      Is this by chance a freshman class officer?

    • what the…how is it possible to have -14 thumbs up LOL
      the world is revolving in strange ways.

  9. The freshmen worked hard and managed to do an almost OK job despite the technical difficulties…cut them some slack and stop hating on them.

    Actually, even though spirit/cheering is a good idea, it’s NOT a great idea to cheer during the whole thing, which may be why the skit was confusing.

    no one could hear a single word.

  10. That much cheering is there at every homecoming; it’s normal and expected during the skit.
    I think they didn’t even press the button on the megaphone.

  11. Honestly, the freshmen skit was confusing even if you factor in the cheering. The plot was go in time machine, watch the 1976 game an retreive the spirit something (forgot what it was), and come back to win the present homecoming game. Truthfully, it lacked any hype. It’s ok though for a first time homecoming, freshmen still got three more to go!

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