Homecoming Court Nominees: Guys

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4 Comments on "Homecoming Court Nominees: Guys"

  1. This is all a horrible sham. Why do people refer to the ASB leadership as a democracy. It clearly isn’t one; decisions made by ASB are made only by the officers and L2. In fact why does the student body even need to vote when the ultimate decision is made by the ASB officers, Why do I bring this up?

    I bring this up because of an injustice committed weeks ago. I of course am referring to the case of senior Aravind Sambamoorthy. Aravind has had a significant following in the senior class for years.And although I myself am not a senior, I know that he is charismatic and friendly, but for some reason has been under fire by L2.I have come to understand that he made to the final elections for junior class VP in 2010 but lost due to mysterious circumstances. And this year, EVEN WITH a significant number (over 100 people) of followers, Aravind Sambamoorthy did not make into the nominee pool. Why is this? There is no way Aravind didn’t amass enough votes seeing as there were only a couple of boys with a majority. Well I think the answer is obvious, the ASB officers never liked Aravind from the start; he never fit in their “picture perfect” student government, he was ALWAYS too good for them. The followers of Aravind will not take this injustice any longer, the ASB officers and L2 must answer their crimes and recognize Aravind as the TRUE KING or face the charges of illegal voting practices and abuse of power.


  3. Aravind for King | October 19, 2011 at 4:46 pm | Reply


  4. B4nD 4 LyF3!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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