Dear Diary: MSJ High School Anthem

By: Kevin Zhai





Jump on out of bed, blanket off my toes

Another day at school: it’s for my future, I suppose

Hop into the shower, droplets pounding on my head

Feeling brainless like a zombie plus my social life’s undead

Step onto the tile floor, my toes are freezing cold

Wear stuff from the ‘crombie store, avoid the bathroom mold

As I rush down to the kitchen where there’s bagels and fresh lox

Guzzle down the OJ as I slip into my socks

I shove a bagel in my mouth and almost wear my sister’s Crocs

Vans, Converse, or Nike? It’s a swag fashion deadlock

Put a Northface on my back as I dash out of the front door

Bring the lanyard to car’s keyhole; put the pedal to the floor

Back out of the driveway as I set course to high school

I’m passed by several Chevrolets but I follow traffic rules

Navigation is a beezy as I pass the Highland pool

And Mission’s clocks: two minutes fast. Why is life so cruel?

Up and down, my head keeps bobbing

Need to keep awake to keep my grades from dropping

First a film then a PowerPoint lecture

I’m tryna soak it up but I’m still not feeling intellectual

“BRING” goes the bell and I’m outta the room

Brunch is spicy Chex mix; blow my top like Looney Toons

Sittin’ in third period, supposed to be reading

But I’d rather socialize and share the food that I’m eating

Walk into fourth period; twirl my pen like a pro

Learning ’bout cnidarians in AP Bio

Which by the way, evolved six hundred million years ago

My mental capacity developing like a deuterostome

Shoot, it’s eleven-thirty, look at time fly by

Finally it’s lunch; squeeze in the line real sly

But people keep on cutting, shove me out of my place

Don’t want to cause commotion, so I try to show some grace

Give the money to the cashier and tell her to keep the tip

But still got dough to buy cookies, the ones with chocolate chips

I have so much dinero that my wallet has a rip

Forgot to grab the free snack; keep a stiff upper lip

Roaming in bell tower quad, spinning like a cyclone

But all my friends went out to lunch, I pretend to check my cell phone

So people passing by won’t think I am forever alone

To be honest, I’m jilted, center-periphery, unbeknown

So just me, myself and, I sitting together on the high throne

My kingdom’s population I can count on one knuckle bone

Finally the bell rings and I walk up to my locker

Slip and trip and touch some girl, she now thinks I’m a stalker

Sweep my eyes across the room

That girl just glanced my way she’s got the hots, I would presume

So I’m trying to connect but our eyes, they never meet

Because when she turns her head, I am staring at her feet

Alas, I suppose this romance wasn’t to be

Since I’m a tough, young, street-wise stunna and notorious OG

On the other hand she’s high-class, dignified like bourgeoisie

I’d be her coefficient since we’re learning matrices

Fifth period, sixth period, I’m almost outta here

Only five more minutes left; persevere, musketeer

But I have to be sincere, my head is in the stratosphere

I kick my car into high gear, deepest regrets Mr. Shakespeare

Make a beeline to my house, my path is straight like a rook’s

I should prob’ly start my homework but I’m ambushed by Facebook

Then Words With Friends around the bend as my stomach rumbles thunder

I grab some snacks, crack my back, start posting on my Tumblr

I bound across the skies on my robot unicorn

Suddenly it’s 3 am, it’s only 1, I could have sworn

So though my homework’s tepid, in contrast my lines are fiery

That’s all I wrote, in quarter notes, in these pages, my Dear Diary


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  1. This is really creative! Where did you find all the clips from?

  2. KEVIN.

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