Vandalism Break-In

By: Alekya Rajanala and Matt Farberov

Late on Friday, March 18, MSJ was vandalized by an unknown number of suspects. The suspects broke a window of room P-1. Afterwards, the suspects broke the window of Counselor Merri Blum’s office in the administration building. Her office was then defaced by the vandals with fire retardant. The administration has said that nothing was stolen although Blum’s office was damaged by the retardant.


If anyone has any information pertaining to the vandalism please contact any of the following:


Resource Officer Gregory Pipp:  510-656-3600 x37106

Principal Sandy Prairie: 510-656-3600 x37210

Campus Supervisor Brandi Speier: 510-656-360 x37227

The Smoke Signal will update this story as more information becomes available.


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