EDITORIAL: Closure of bookstores huge loss to community


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1 Comment on "EDITORIAL: Closure of bookstores huge loss to community"

  1. The age old author’s dilemma is whether to first write the book or research its marketplace. Believing it would be more difficult to write a book than to sell one, I chose to do the writing first.

    Now that my small business how-to, “Graphics Essentials for Small Offices” is ready for Kindle, and nearly ready for print, I’m researching the marketplace. My book is sized right and priced right for counter sales at Mom and Pop bookstores or office supply stores. But, I’m realizing that there are fewer Mom and Pop’s then there used to be.

    Things have changed. Although, ebooks, and print-on-demand technology, make it easier to say it in writing, the old distribution channels have shrunken. At the same time that we’re verging on a new Renaissance, we’re also verging on a new Dark Ages.

    See my page on Amazon: http://www.amazon.com/David-Loeff/e/B004X7BWK8

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