Under the Radar: Darwin Deez

By: Connor Williams
Darwin Deez has been taking the indie scene by storm. After releasing a hit single, Radar Detector, in the UK Deez has been where he loves to be: on tour. With a enthusiastic performance persona and an unmatchable style, Deez creates a unique show experience, sometimes breaking into dance and movie references mid-song. Deez says “…when we play live, the bottom-line is, we want all the people outside the room to come in, and we want the people inside the room to really enjoy themselves.”

Deez casts a striking image, with a tall skinny frame, a curly man-bob, and a thin moustache he is hard to miss. He was recently voted the tenth Top Coolest Person in Music by NME magazine (an international music magazine), and rightly so. He is arguably ahead of his time, and his fans are loving every minute of it.

Deez’s music is airy and expressive, creating a feeling of unfettered joy. He has spent a lot of time filming clever and quirky music videos that really help bring his songs to life. For example the opening title for the music video of “Radar Detector” introduces the song with waffles shaped as letters. Another one of his videos, “Constellations”, was actually partially filmed here in Fremont. He manages to pump in as much individuality and character as he can into every endeavor he pursues.

Growing up in Myrtle Beach South Carolina, Deez had always had a deep love of music. He started his first band at the age of 12, a year after receiving his first guitar. After experimenting for a couple of years with electronic music, Deez rediscovered the indie he grew up with, and decided that that was his sound. Deez attended Wesleyan University, but he didn’t feel like it was a good fit for him so he instead moved to New York City. There he flourished in the open mic night scene of the East Village.

Deez’s music is a wonderful blend of alternative rock, pop, and techno. Deez manages to pump social commentary into such songs as “The Suicide Song”, with lyrics like “Watch my necktie whip back in the wind, From the top of an office building, I can’t even see why I should live” showing he is not afraid to broach deep subjects. He also has an ironic sense of humor, with his song “Bad Day” being a prime example; he is talking to his arch-enemy, and opens with “I hope that the last page of your 800 novel is missing.” Fans of The Shins and Neon Trees would like Deez’s work.

The Lucky Number Music label produces Deez’s music, and is currently touring around the UK. His full length CD, aptly named Darwin Deez, has only been released in the UK, but it has received an enthusiastic response there. On February 22, 2011 Deez will release the album in the US. With such and unforgettable sound and style Darwin Deez in definitely someone to keep an eye on.

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