Too Old for Tricks or Treats?

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5 Comments on "Too Old for Tricks or Treats?"

  1. “So let’s follow the adult train of thought. First, if they give teenagers candy, there’s less for the kindergarteners that give very sad faces if they get no candy. Second, if they encourage teenagers, there will be more teenagers next year. Third, more teenagers mean less adorable children and more annoying pranks. So there’s a slightly understandable reason why people want us doing crazy things somewhere else.”


  2. This article makes absolutely no sense, how did it slip by the editors?
    Also, not the proper way to cite an image.. go to nytimes or reuters or yahoo news to see how they do it.

    • I’m glad I’m not the only one who thought so. It just jumps from random conclusions that don’t pertain to anything.

      “It’s not a crime to ask for free food, it’s just annoying when people use Halloween as an excuse instead of embracing the holiday.”

      An excuse for what? You just said Halloween is about getting free candy for dressing weirdly and playing practical jokes.

      “Dressing up as a character from Jersey Shore won’t get you candy, it will get you closed doors and possibly calls from the police depending on how well you made your costume.”

      This doesn’t make sense.

      “People tolerate teenagers trick-or-treating because some are sincerely out to have fun and get candy along the way. But if you’re out of high school and walking around on Halloween, homeowners turn off their outside lights and stash away the candy.”

      I don’t think they care if they see teenagers walking around the night of Halloween.

      “And when you were ten, what did it feel like seeing an entire dark neighborhood? If you never had an experience like that, it’s like the kryptonite to your Halloween superman spirit.”

      You don’t begin a sentence with “and” and if you NEVER had an experience like that?

      “In our minds, teenagers are perfectly fine to go trick-or-treating, but we frighten homeowners and little ones away with our teenage natures. We should be more considerate to how terrifying we appear and do more “age-appropriate” activities, such as parties or visiting the haunted corn mazes (which are frighteningly good). If you do go trick-or-treating, make a real effort to go with the holiday instead of wearing old clothes and saying you’re a hobo.”

      What does it matter if we do “age-appropriate” activities or make a lame costume for trick or treating? This article has no purpose.

      • NOT A STUDENT. A LURKER, HOWEVER. | November 5, 2010 at 5:12 am | Reply

        hey junioritis i appreciate the TIME YOU PUT IN YOUR COMMENT but i think you’re wrong

        because plenty of ppl DO in fact begin sentences with “and”, many famous authors, in fact. not that i’m implying that this article is necessarily a worthy work of literature (far from it obviously) but that’s a tricky point to make.

        oh my god did i just leave a serious comment

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