Greased Lightnin’ Juniors (Review)

Batman: As I arrived in my Batmobile, I saw a dense cloud of black blanketing the amphitheater. I felt at home, but I think it could have been a bit darker for my taste.

Robin: While swinging in I almost tripped over those rubber strings over the tarp on the grass. What were those for?

B: I walked around the scene surveying the blackness, but it began to blow away just as I was about to enjoy the deco. However I did like the checkerboard tarp.

R: I spotted Sandy’s cutout and I liked what I saw, along with the rest of the Grease cast.

B: I was lured to the amphitheater by the sweet voice of a Junior singing “2012”.

R: The siren’s enchanting voice soothed me, but the spell broke as the song dragged onwards. Poised artistically behind the singer was a brilliant backdrop with “Greased Lightnin’ Juniors” driving through 2012.

B: Yeah, I could tell they spent a lot of quality time on it. Danny Zucko’s entrance really impressed me with his suave moves and spunky attitude.

R: I especially liked the students’ leather jackets. I need to get one ASAP.

B: I didn’t know the students’ names, but the colors they wore made it easy to see which class each person represented.

R: Forget the students! I couldn’t stop looking at that gorgeous girl Sandy.

B: At the “assembly” I was blown away by the one-man, or should I say one-woman airband. The skilled baton twirler definitely pleased the crowd.

R: In response, the Juniors went wild showing their powerful spirit. The other classes joined in to amplify the cheering.

B: Even though the balloons were raining down on me, I did enjoy the random bursts of dancing from the cast.

R: I don’t think it was fair how Danny Zucko managed to solve almost every problem by himself. I wished the other classes had a bigger role in helping to win the road race. I think that’s what it was? Or was it the dance?

B: The Juniors definitely spiced up their airbands with numerous pop culture references and even featured Korean pop music.

R: My mind was boggled by the constant hip thrusting in the boys’ booty dance. I felt awkward at times even though I enjoyed the “Dora” backpack reference.

B: The character Cha-cha piqued my interest with her spicy performance despite being a villain. Her acting along with the voice over was convincing.

R: I thought she was one scary lady, but I’m glad Sandy simply danced her way to victory and her way into Danny’s heart.

B: The partner swing dance brought an interesting new flavor to the airbands even though there were a few missteps.

R: I also enjoyed the variety of airbands like the jazz routine, the unity Tahitian dance, and the explosive girls’ hip-hop. The performances flowed smoothly along with the skit.

B: Finally Greased Lightnin’ was revealed and now I’m considering a flaming paint job on my Batmobile.

R: The magical shrinking and the removal of those beautiful flames from Greased Lightin’ at the road race confused me. What happened to the car’s spiffiness?

B: I’m glad Mission, or rather Danny Zucko, drove to victory. Although I’m not sure what the other classes were doing at that time.

R: We also managed to win the Homecoming game with a score of 20 to 12!

B: After the skit the girls’ hip hop dance provided an electrifying performance leading to a solid ending.

R: The Juniors responded with multiple screams, but I was expecting a deafening roar which came later for the closing dance number instead.

B: This year’s solid performance showcases strong talent from the Junior class, which will carry into next year’s Homecoming.

R: I’ll definitely swoop in next year to watch again.

View Junior Day online photo album here

Check back this weekend for video footage on Junior Day provided by MSJTV. The full Homecoming DVD with behind-the-scenes features will be available for purchase.

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  2. to a student, this sentence-by-sentence dialogue has been tradition for longer than you’ve been here. if you want a legit review, wait for the next issue to come out =P

  3. another student | October 28, 2010 at 4:24 am | Reply

    “The magical shrinking and the removal of those beautiful flames from Greased Lightin’ at the road race confused me. What happened to the car’s spiffiness?”

    Have the editors not seen the Music Video of Grease Lightning?. The car’s luxuriness was just an illusion of what car they wanted.

    It seems like some people didn’t do their homework.

    • editors don’t write this, but ok, maybe if there was more time than an hour, i’m sure the writers would love to go check out that video.

  4. to a student, do you always talk in huge paragraphs to your friends?

  5. NOT A STUDENT. A LURKER, HOWEVER. | October 28, 2010 at 4:42 am | Reply

    so i heard you like writing concept reviews

    that’s cool br0s i like writing concept reviews too.. but only when i know what i’m talking about, which you clearly don’t

    seriously IT’S ZUKO NOT ZUCKO

    and really? “i’ll definitely swoop in next year to watch again”?


    and also don’t knock hip thrusting. hip thrusting is cool.

    yeah i’m done.

  6. A Student: Clearly this is your first year of ever reading smoke signal reviews. Format does not affect function.

    Juniors killed it today!

  7. You do realize that the Smoke Signal people have an hour, maybe an hour and a half max to do this right? If you want paragraphs, wait for the paper to come out next week.

  8. @ a student
    I think you should calm down over this article.
    Why are you hating on Smoke Signal eh?
    Blame yourself for not being able to take a joke.

  9. No it’s not. Errbody b. Now just caaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaalm

  10. Get over it. The format of online homecoming reviews is this way for a reason, and it has become tradition because of that so lay off. Quit hating on Smoke Signal; they deserve a lot more credit.

  11. He who gets worked up about internet article, needs to take a friggin’ chill pill.

  12. NOT A STUDENT. A LURKER, HOWEVER. | October 28, 2010 at 5:27 am | Reply

    hey somebody reply to my comment please i want some troll love

  13. Yet another student | October 28, 2010 at 12:33 pm | Reply

    Only complain was that they ripped on the deco. Honestly, the deco was very similar to the soph deco, which they complimented. The only difference was the wind

  14. Im sorry SS, but this article really disappointments.
    I know you are trying to be positive, but this has not one negative thing in it. Its just a shallow summary of what happened that day, rather than analysis. Readers are looking for specific opinions of the skits, and criticisms on how they could’ve been better. Nice try, but better luck next time SS.

    • Well said! I agree, it’s very obvious that this article wasn’t written fairly. All the other classes are criticized on at least one thing, but the writers let the Juniors slide this year. It’s really disappointing.

  15. Hey guys, lets talk about the Junior performance rather than the quality of writing! Yay Juniors!

  16. student number three | October 29, 2010 at 3:56 am | Reply

    honestly, junior’s deco isn’t even as impressive as the review made it sound.

  17. Uh. To this review? No. Just no. Here is a real review:

    Skit: Cute and good flow. Little unity however.. but musicals were pretty entertaining and all. Although it was annoying that the “Junior” girl had pumps and leather pants while everyone else had frumpy white shirts and poodle skirts. Acting was cute, the car was a nice touch.. although confusing as it only appeared in one scene. And… well, let’s just say there were mistakes in the script.

    Deco: Everything basically ripped and blew off, but even before that.. it wasn’t as covered or spread out as the sophomores. I believe the sophomores did a little bit of a better job, even though the cut outs were creative

    Airbands: Jazz was a little unsynchronized. The first boys booty was well synchronized, the second boys booty was less together but hilarious with the back pack reference. The girls in khaki shorts could’ve been much cleaner.. and more original in choreography. (I recognize one of those song choices/pieces as similar to one of the Seniors’ last year.) The swing airband had little to no phzazz or coordination, as one of the girls on the right was dropped on her back. The ending airband was solid, but wasn’t enough to diversify the airbands as a whole.

    The juniors seemed fit as better than the freshmen/sophomore as a whole, but lacked better decorations and “spark.”

    • Not completely unbiased, sir…

      But yeah. I was surprised when I read this review as well. The *seniors* who wrote it didn’t give much criticism.

    • you should have written for ss, not the terrible and biased writers who wrote the original article.

    kinda got owned by soph deco really bad hahahha

  19. HONESTLY? this review is absolute crap. It’s so biased.

    Their airbands were mediocre, but a lot less entertaining compared to their airbands from last year. They were all extremely messy except for the one at the end.

    and how were the sophomores and seniors criticized for their decorations while the juniors were perfectly fine?! the sophomores and the seniors DESTROYED the juniors in decoration, hands down.

    the skit was extremely boring and totally unrelated to actual homecoming. How did the street racing refer to homecoming? to cheer everyone up for the homecoming game?? that makes no sense. the only reason why people enjoyed their skit was because of the “gorgeous Sandy”, which also portrays an accurate representation of why the junior class is judged the way they are at Mission.

    and if seniors really did write this, that just goes to show how nice they are because to be frank, the sophomores have a good shot at beating the juniors this year.

    • Well with Grease being a love story, it was VERY hard to find some way to relate it to homecoming. So the street-racing and the dance-off were the only real ways we could think of. I know the whole “rallying the most spirit for the game by winning the race” thing sounds pretty abstract and detatched, but hey, it worked…somewhat.

      And please don’t make a low-blow on the actor who portrayed Sandy. That’s just wrong.

  20. Juniors lost to seniors and also lost to sophos

    so you guys stfu and suck it 🙂

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