Sophomores in Neverland (Review)

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13 Comments on "Sophomores in Neverland (Review)"

  1. I love to bhangra!

  2. …Kinda harsh on the skit. x]

    And it’s not our fault there weren’t enough mics. =.=


    G’luck to the Juniors tomorrer!

  3. The person who wrote this article obviously has something personal against the Sophomores. I thought Sophomores did amazing today!The backdrop was bright and vivid and had sunset shadows. You could tell that they spent the WHOLE summer planning it.The teepees and totem poles were a great idea,&everything was covered in yellow! Also, the mermaid platform prop was creative. As for skit,all I have to say the writer is this,”Next time, you should rethink what you’re going to write.” I’m sorry. The sophomore was NOT the only one who completed the tasks. Freshmen dressed as a bunny to lure the crocodile. Juniors helped distract Captain Hook, and Seniors SAVED Peter and enlisted the help of the Indians.All in all, the classes helped each other to ultimately retrieve Tinkerbell.The airbands were all AMAZING, ENOUGH SAID.Overall, I feel that this article is EXTREMELY biased and it DOES NOT give the Sophomores enough credit. Of course they weren’t like EXCELLENT/AMAZING/OH MY LORD status, but they were VERY SOLID today and they should be proud of themselves.

  4. yeah you guys realize that theres a limit to how many microphones we are allowed to have? XD

  5. I don’t think it was a problem with having the senior show up 15 minutes into it….

    Like c’mon how can the seniors not feel appreciated? During the skit the senior was sitting down on some sophomores, being treated as if she was a queen…

    i don’t really like this review, it was too harsh on the sophomores, they were very impressive.


    their deco was AMAZING. just in the future, try to cut any superfluous lines in your skit (like the freshman screaming across the stage…6 times. the first couple times was funny, but then it just got a little redundant). Your ending airband was good. Try to get a UNITY AIRBAND next year. Also, try to get more people involved, it was clear that it was the same kids doing all the airbands.

    other than that, great job. Again, decoration was amazing and super creative. good luck tomorrow night

    • OH and also, singing intros are great and everything, but PLEASE make them shorter next year, they don’t need to sing the WHOLE song. One or two minutes is good enough. And if you’re going to do a singing intro, don’t do ANOTHER song during skit. It gets really boring

  7. I don’t think it was a problem that the opening song was not cut up. “Second Star to the Right” isn’t that long of a song to begin with, and it was a very appropriate opening song for the theme. The second singing airband had unity with the freshman, senior, and the couple juniors, but you’re very right that there should not be two singing airbands in one homecoming performance.

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