Freshmen in Wonderland (Review)

Hermione Granger: This morning while I was riding my broomstick to first period, I couldn’t help but be impressed by the large, very detailed Mad Hatter cut out by the office.

Albus Dumbledore: But I was oddly disappointed at the sparse balloon decorations around the amphitheater. Where were the streamers and the witty posters that have symbolized past homecomings?

HG: The freshmen compensated for the lackluster decorations with a phenomenal backdrop. All the main characters from the movie were incorporated into it very well.

AD: The backdrop was very vivid and I felt like I was stepping into Wonderland, fresh off the Hogwarts Express. What’d you think of the skit?

HG: The freshmen had rare good luck with audio this year. Their voiceovers came through very clearly and were distinctive to the characters. My favorite characters were Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dum, who were charming and had amusing dialogues.

AD: But half the time I didn’t even know which character was speaking.

HG: That definitely caused a lot of confusion. The skit also came to a very abrupt end, and I felt like it was missing a solid conclusion. It also could have used more humor, and there were several awkward and dull moments.

AD: I wish they had used more props to get their point across, because the whole performance seemed a little bland at times. They also could have used music to improve the quality of the transitions between scene changes. I also noticed that several times a random person would run across the stage with a worried expression on his or her face, as if they had just eaten an Ear Wax flavored Bertie Botts Every Flavored Beans.

HG: Although it did end very quickly, I liked that all the classes were given influential

roles in the script, and the freshmen were shown in a positive light, unlike previous years.

AD: Yea there wasn’t any unnecessary bashing of other classes, and the challenges each class faced in Wonderland were clever and tied in well with our daily lives at Hogwarts… I mean Mission.

HG: Were there any airbands integrated in the skit? I hardly remember seeing any.

AD: Yea, I can only remember 5 airbands. I especially liked the fourth mixed airband, which tastefully included several aspects of hip hop.

HG: Another notable performance was when the trio performed “Count On Me” by Bruno Mars. It was a nice way to unite the classes before the freshmen started, and I heard several people in the crowd singing along.

AD: Yeah, but there were many awkward moments, and it took me a while to realize that they were not a part of the script. How about that spirit though? It wasn’t exactly contagious.

HG: That’s for sure. The freshmen could definitely use some work on the volume of their cheering and overall enthusiasm. A few upperclassmen could be heard yelling at the freshmen to cheer louder and support their class.

AD: It seemed like the sophomores, juniors, and seniors supported the freshman more than their own class, and were often cheering to fill in the silent gaps between performances. They could have used a couple of Howlers. Ultimately, I can see great potential for their airbands next year, and hopefully more class members will join in.

HG: Yes, as long as the class of 2014 unites more and has a larger variety of airbands and a longer more interesting skit, they can give the other classes a run for their money.

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13 Comments on "Freshmen in Wonderland (Review)"

  1. … what was going on throughout the skit and airband?

  2. Freshmen were okay. I think we might actually lose this year. T.T.
    Anyways, FIRST!!!11 (hopefully, I don’t know if this has to go through a censor first.)

  3. Dagnit, Voldemort beat me.

  4. And was it just me, or did they not have enough “Wonderland”? x]

    Oh well. They did pretty well. 8D


  5. ..Or not. =.=

  6. im really proud of the freshmen. they did do an awesome job for their first time out.

  7. Hmm…I don’t remember there being much blue on Freshman day. A few balloons lining the ampitheater, a cut out, and a few posters? Step it up next year, guys!

  8. Professor Mcgonagal | October 28, 2010 at 11:13 pm | Reply

    Well its not their fault their decoration weren’t that good. They didn’t have the experience of previous homecomings! However yea compared to sophomores juniors and seniors we . er. . . I mean THEY sucked.

  9. Seriously, The Smoke Signal is FAR too generous with complements. The “lackluster” decorations, you say? Don’t you mean NONEXISTENT?

    Please, those dinky little balloons didn’t even last by the time lunch started.

    The skit was so obscenely jejune I was compelled to work on homework lest my eyes melt out of my sockets from witnessing that horrific scene.

  10. Freshman did alright this year haha! Although I was pretty disappointed with the lacking number of airbands (which all had the same people in it LOL but that’s whatever) and their deco (oh wait what deco?! couldn’t see anything sorry).

  11. 2014 is about to get DESTROYED in homecoming next year after what those three idiots did in the senior lounge. No respect.

  12. Don’t judge all 500+ of them based on what 3 people did. I agree that they were disrespectful and pretty stupid, but there are idiots in every class.

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