The Social Network

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  1. NOT A STUDENT. A LURKER, HOWEVER. | November 5, 2010 at 5:34 am | Reply

    “The film did seem to drag towards the last third, which might have been due to sheer mental fatigue that resulted from processing the nonstop witty banter. Though the fast paced dialogue serves a as good fit to the subject matter, it may narrow the target audience, as it takes a considerable degree of mental acuity just to follow the conversations on screen.”

    Sorkin normally suffers from acute Cleveritis but this screenplay wasn’t filled with the same incessant verbal volleys that made The West Wing so teeth-gnashingly smart and self-aware. All in all, not a bad film, more thanks to Fincher’s stunning cinematography than anything else, though. I think you oversell the writing.

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