New Year, New Rules: Homecoming 2010

In June, the Smoke Signal reported new Homecoming decoration rules and limitations that will be implemented this school year to encourage a more environmentally friendly approach and to minimize damage to school property. As Homecoming Week approaches—this year it is the week of October 25-29, with the game against Newark Memorial on Friday, October 29 and the dance on Saturday, October 30—rules and guidelines are being finalized to ensure that the week is safe, fun, and doesn’t interrupt class time. Here is a list of rules, both new and returning, that will be enforced this year:

1. Decoration areas will be limited to the amphitheater up the N-Wing fence, the overhang in front of the horsehoe, and the railings along the grass by the library.

2. As of September 8, a Senior Lounge will not be allowed in efforts of preventing tardiness to class, rivalry tensions, messiness/waste, and class cuts.


3. Students must sign a contract stating that they will abstain from engaging in activities such as rallies, vandalism, putting down other classes, etc.

4. On Green and White day, decorations will be limited to the bell tower quad area.

5. Students, especially class officers, will be held accountable for any inappropriate behaviors and/or breaches of contract during Homecoming.

6.  School is for education. (No activity should exhaust a student to the extent that he or she cannot function mentally in class.)

7. No student is allowed on the roof for any reason.

8. Rivalry: any class rivalry that has potential to result in the abuse of school or personal property will result in police involvement.

9. Trespassing: in addition to “the hill” there will be no trespassing or theft on school or private property. The Fremont Police will deal with any problems.

10. No vehicles are to be on or around school grounds except in the school parking lot.


11. No class painting will be permitted in the horseshoe or on other school property.

12. No students are allowed to bring water balloons, squirt guns, paint guns, or eggs to school.

13. There is no drinking of alcohol before, during or after school. Alcohol is not allowed at any homecoming activities.

14. No Homecoming activity should take place on campus later than 8 pm and no earlier than 7am.

15. All students on campus during non- school hours must have their class supervisor with them at all times.

16. No balloons or anything taped or mounted to the bell tower or any structure above eight feet.

Photos from The Smoke Signal archives

*Rules 7-16 have been taken directly from MSJ’s Homecoming rules and regulations listing, which is posted in everybody’s third period classroom

6 Comments on "New Year, New Rules: Homecoming 2010"

  1. How are balloons dangerous? The visual effect of the balloon rainbow has always been spectacular.

  2. Dude this is so dumb.

    Like so dumb forreal.

    What the heck does having a balloon arch over 8 feet harm?

    My heart goes out to all the 2010 seniors.

  3. This is really really pointless.
    I understand that Homecoming wastes materials and paper and such, but it’s the only tradition that makes our school marginally cool.

    Now that’s gone too, and in our senior year nonetheless.

    Always our year. Sigh

  4. School is for education?! Of course it is, Mission is all about education! This is the exact reason why we need homecoming to relieve stress. We want to remember high school as not just work work work, but also as one of the best times of our lives. I am dissapointed at the administration!

    dont worry everyone – homecoming is what we make it. the rules aren’t thaaat different than normal.
    what makes our homecoming great is our SPIRIT – not butcher paper, etc.
    so lets get pumped up:]

  6. All I have to say is ever since Prairie took office as the principal, academics have been even more heavily prioritize. Come on, we’re one of the top academic high schools in the nation. Let the students have some fun. Homecoming is about having fun. Of course, there’s going to be jabbing and bashing and whatnot. High school is about experiencing things and to grow as a complete adult ready for college and the life beyond. With all these restrictions, how can students experience fun and express their ideas and creativity? And really now? “Ugly buttface juniors” and ripping a “juniors” sign in an airband are NOT EVEN that bad. All I got to say is, Prairie just likes to sap the fun out of all the students for her enjoyment. F*** that b*tch.

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